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Ok i know its been awhile since i posted a preference so here ya go…

Preference 5: You go to amusement park(Request)

Ross: “Come on, Y/N, please?” Ross said, trying to convince you to go on a roller coaster. “Ross, you know I hate roller coasters,” you said, trying to reason with him. “It’ll be fun!” he said, determined. Before you knew it you were being strapped into the metal death trap. You nervously looked at Ross beside you, who was bouncing in his seat from excitement. You held his hand tight, closed your eyes, and screamed at the top of your lungs as the ride when up, down, and upside down. By the time it was over your knuckles were white from holding onto Ross so tight. “I guess that was okay,” you said once you were off the platform. You looked at Ross and he was white as a ghost. “You okay?” you said, sitting him down on a bench. “Let’s just stick to the games,” he said while giving you a sheepish look, still shaken up from the ride.

Riker: You and Riker were walking around the carnival hand in hand, just strolling. You had had an amazing day at the carnival and were enjoying the sunset. “This was a really good day,” you smiled. “You weren’t bored at all?” he asked. Now that you thought of it, there could’ve been a little excitement. Your hesitation caused Riker to grab your hand and start running. “Riker, where are we going?” He didn’t answer, just dragged you onto a line for something. “Four tickets.” Riker handed the man the tickets and led you to..a go-kart track? “Riker are you serious?” He didn’t answer, just climbed into a car and put a helmet. “Oh, it’s on,” you said competitively. You two sped off and started making laps around the track. Eventually the bell rang you halted to a stop. Once outside, you and Riker once again started walking. “I totally smoked you.” “Yeah right, Y/N, I won!” he smiled. He wrapped an arm around you and kissed the top of your head. The day was perfect.

Ryland: ”Ryland, let’s go on the ferris wheel!” You and Ryland were at the carnival and it was now dark. “You really want to do that, Y/N?” “Yeah, come on!” you grabbed his hand and led him onto the cart. You sat on the bench opposite of him and put your feet up next to his lap. He quickly switched sides and grabbed your hand. “Ryland, what are you doing?” you giggled. “This is how it’s done in movies,” he shrugged. “I don’t want a movie, I want you,” you smiled. He pecked you on the cheek and the cart started slowing down, stopping at the top. “Oh my God, Ryland, look how pretty it is,” you gasped, looking at the city below you. “It’s gorgeous,” he said. You started moving again and got off at the bottom. “That was fun,” he smiled. “You didn’t even want to go!” “Still, it was fun, cause I was with you.” You smiled at him and walked away from the illuminated beauty of the ferris wheel.

Ellington: “Really, Ell, again?” You and Ellington were at the carnival and he would stop at nothing to win you a prize. You were currently at the darts. He threw the three he got and missed all three times. “Whatever, let’s go to the basketball!” “Really, Ellington, it’s okay. All these games are rigged anyway. You’re just losing money,” you tried to reason with him but he would have none of it. “Last one, I promise,” he said to you. “Fine, whatever.” You watched as he payed the man for three shots. He arched the first one and it hit the rim but bounced back out. He took a deep breath and did the same with the second, it looked as if it was about to go in, but didn’t at the last second. You saw he was getting frustrated. “Come on, Ellington, just leave it.” Alas, he let his anger get the best of him and he just threw the basketball. He angrily turned around and you stared in shock. “Ellington, it went in!” He whipped around as the man was handing you your prize. “See, Y/N, I told you I could do it,” he smiled. “Sure you did, Dalton.”

Rocky: You were sitting at a table at the annual carnival, waiting for Rocky to come back with food for you two. He sat down and set a funnel cake in front of you. “Rocky, this thing is huge,” you looked up at him. “Come on, Y/N, I’m a growing boy,” he said, his mouth already full. You just shrugged your shoulders and took a modest piece of the funnel cake. “Y/N!” you heard. You turned around and saw your friends. After saying a quick hello you returned to Rocky who had powdered sugar all over his face. You started laughing and he looked at you confused. “What?” he said with his mouth full. “You have funnel cake all over you!” you laughed. He looked between you and his messy hands, a smile growing on his face. “Rocky, no,” you said, turning serious. He didn’t listen as he lunged across the table and started to put his hands all over your face and hair and clothes. “Rocky! I am going to kill you!” you said, not being able to contain your laughs. He just smiled at you and said “Now we match!” while licking some powdered sugar off of your cheek. “You’re gross,” you said, pushing him away. “Aw, you’re sweet,” he said, literally, and licked the tip of your nose.


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Ok guys I am so sorry I know I haven’t posted the preferences yet but I am going to post them i promise it’s just been really busy here at home and I haven’t really had time to work on them so please don’t be mad because I am going to post them

Could you do a preference where you surprise him on tour? Thanks!

Yess!!! Totally

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New preference

Preference 4: When you cry(Request)

Rocky: You were meeting your new boyfriend, Rocky’s, friends today and were more than nervous. You had just put on your dress but had yet to do your hair or make-up. “Rocky! Is this dress okay?” you came out of your room to see four boys you hadn’t met at the bottom of the stairs. “Wow, Rocky, she is some looker,” one of them said. You gasped and ran back into your room, ashamed at your appearance. “Y/N!” You heard Rocky call after you as his heavy footsteps trudged up the stairs. “Y/N, don’t for a second believe him. He was just joking!” Rocky came into your room and sat next to you on the bed. His words were sweet but you couldn’t stop the tears already coming to your eyes. “No. No, babe. Please don’t cry,” he begged. You turned away but he took his hand and turned your chin back to him. “You’re beautiful,” he said as he wiped the tears from your face. You nodded and finished getting ready.

Ross: You were at your boyfriend Ross’ house watching a movie. You were snuggled into his side and was just about to fall asleep when your phone rang. “Hello?” you answered. It was your mom. “Mom, what’s wrong?” Your mother was speaking quickly and in a panic. “Y/N, it’s your brother,” she said. “He was in a car accident. He’ll be fine. Stay at Ross’. Your father and I will be at the hospital.” She hung up before you could get a word in. “What was that?” Ross asked, sitting up. Without warning you burst into tears. “Woah, Y/N, it’s okay. What happened? Is everything okay?” You barely muttered your brothers name. Ross wrapped his strong arms around you and your tears eventually subsided. “Come on,” he led you upstairs where he gave you sweatpants and one of his shirts. You stayed at Ross’ house until your parents, and your semi-broken brother, picked you up. “Thank you,” you said in a scratchy voice. “My pleasure,” he kissed the top of your head as you headed out the door, still in his clothes.

Ryland: You had been a generally strong person. Not necessarily physically, but emotionally. The only thing that you couldn’t control, though, it when you watched movies. You and Ryland were at your house when he picked up The Last Song. “Y/N, what’s this about?” he asked. Before you answered he put it in the DVD player. You bit your lip, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to control your emotions. Maybe if you focused on the good parts it would be okay. Throughout the first half of the movie you were stable. Laughing at the funny parts, but not crying at the sad parts just yet. Somehow you had managed to keep it together when Roni’s father collapsed, but when her brother started to cry, you lost it. You sobbed into Ryland’s side and he just rubbed your back. “Sorry,” you apologized, going to clean yourself off. He pulled you back on the couch. “It’s fine. I liked taking care of you.” You smiled at each other and watched the rest of the movie with teary eyes.

Ratliff: “Shit!” you mumbled. You were trying to make dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Ratliff at your and Ellington’s new apartment. “You okay?” Ellington came into the kitchen with his dress shirt unbuttoned. “Yeah I’m fine,” you said while applying pressure to your new cut. “What are you making?” he asked. “Lasagna,” you answered, putting on a bandaid. He went over to the sauce and started to stir it, helping you out. You were stressed out enough as it is, and Ellington was helping more than he knew. “Uh, Y/N?” You turned to Ellington and almost laughed at the bit of sauce near his mouth, but then you saw the stain on your shirt. “Seriously, Ellington? All you had to do was stay out of my way,” you said getting angry. Ellington was about to defend himself but you continued. “I’m trying to make this dinner perfect and now I have to wash another shirt and nothing is going right.” You furiously wiped the tears from your eyes. “Y/N, calm down. It’ll be okay. I promise.” He looked taken a back at first that you were crying, but then handled it with care, making you feel better almost instantly.

Riker: “GO Y/N!” You heard. Your softball team was playing just a normal game and your boyfriend, Riker and everybody came to watch you play. You were behind the plate, playing catcher. A pitch smacked into your glove and you rocked it to second, where someone was trying to steal. You successfully got her out. “Good job, Babe!” Riker called from the stands. On the next pitch the batter hit it and, illegally, threw the bat. It clanged into your calf but you ignored it, not wanting to be taken out of the game. You turned to see the girl on third sprinting towards you. “HOME!” you screamed. Soon enough, the ball was in your glove and your glove was on the ground, getting ready to tag her out. Her cleat dug into your newly hurt calf, and you yelped out in pain. Your coach and the boys and rydel were on the field within seconds. Your coach took off your helmet and was shocked that there were tears in your eyes. “Y/N, are you okay?” You heard. Riker stood there holding your hand, not sure what to do about your tears. You ended up needing a cast for your fractured calf. “Sorry I couldn’t do anything,” he said. “It’s not your fault,” you smiled. He tended to your every need until 

Preference #3 Your birthday

Riker- “Happy birthday to youuuuu!” is being sang by your mom and dad in your kitchen, early in the morning. Your mom set your favorite breakfast down in front of you, a candle stuck wherever she could fit. “Thank you!” you say. “Happy birthday honey, I love you. Have a good day!” Your dad says before leaving for work. It was the weekend, but you had to get up early because your boyfriend Riker  was taking you somewhere for your birthday. You had no idea though, he loved to surprise you, and since it was your first birthday that you had been dating, he wanted to make it special. You walk to your room and pick out an outfit. Then you head to the bathroom, brush your teeth and shower. You walk back to your room, and put on the shorts, tank top, earrings and take the new cute bag your mom had got for your birthday. You brush on a bit of mascara and sunscreen, and grab your sunglasses. You quickly put your hair back into a sleek ponytail with a little braid on the side. You open the front door after hearing knocking. Riker stood there, smiling brightly with his arms open, and many little bags in his hands. You step into his embrace, and he whispers “Happy Birthday, Y/N.” into your ear. “Thanks babe.” You say, after backing up. “So, uh wanna go inside quick?” you say, eyeing the presents he had in his hands. “Oh yeah, but we don’t have much time, so we have to hurry!” he says, ushering you inside. You walk to your bedroom and plop down on your bed. He hands you the first gift. When you open it, a little R is in cursive, hanging from a gorgeous necklace. “Hmm, I wonder what that stands for?” you tease, but smile gratefully for his thoughtfulness.  He hands you the next one, and below the gift wrap, is a little box with a small ring with sparkling diamonds and a gift card to your fave store. He hands you the last one, and you open it to find two tickets to DisneyLand, date—today! There is a camera, and candies under the tickets. You jump up. “We’re going to Disney!!” you shout, jumping up and down. Sure, many people could think that it was mainly for kids, but Riker always made everything fun. It was one of your dreams to go to Disney with a boyfriend, and now you were. And you were going with Riker Anothny Lynch, of R5. (Aka the best boyfriend ever.) You leap into his arms, and he swings you around a bit. “Thank you!” you exclaim. “Of course! Anything for you, babe. I love you, Y/N. ” He says and kisses you. “Okay, we have to get there soon, if you want to see everything!” he says, and sets you down. You take his hand, and walk to the car. You get to the front of the line, and you hand over the tickets and go through security.  You visited all of the characters and went on all of the rides you could. You even stopped for a couple pictures with some R5ers.  To end the day off, you went on the big Ferris wheel when it was dark. And just like in the movies, you stopped right at the top. “Well, this is cliché,” you comment sarcastically. “I think it’s amazing actually, just look!” Riker says to you, pointing downwards at the park. It was actually pretty beautiful, the way the lights glowed like big fireflies. It was cold though, as it was night and you were pretty high off the ground. Riker noticed, put his arm around you to pull you closer to him. He kisses the top of your head. The ride starts moving again, letting people off. He gives you a sweet kiss at every stop until you get to the bottom.  One last thing, he says and grabs your hand and takes off running. You squeal. You get to the right place at the perfect time. Just then, fireworks start to color the night sky. He pulls you closer as you both look up in awe at the picture- perfect display. After he drops you off, you post a couple of the pictures you took that day on Instagram and Twitter. You couldn’t help but laugh at most of them. Some were of Riker posing in awkward places, and making funny faces. It was true, you had the perfect boyfriend, he was everything that you ever wanted and needed.

Rocky- “Don’t open your eyes Y/N!” your boyfriend Rocky exclaims. You were driving in a car, with a blindfold over your eyes. He was bringing you somewhere, you didn’t know where, but you thought it had something to do with your birthday. Rocky had told you to wear something nice though, so you thought you could’ve been going out for dinner, but knowing Rocky, he probably had something extravagant planned. “Alright, step out.” He says as he helps you out of the car. He takes a few steps with you, but then slips the blindfold off of your eyes. It isn’t much of an improvement though, it’s still dark wherever you were walking. He opens a door in the side of the building. “Where are we?!?” you exclaim. He doesn’t reply. “Rockyyyy…” you whine. “Y/N, don’t ruin this.” He says. You sigh. You knew he wasn’t going to tell you, he always loved surprising you, so you decided not to complain any further, because this had to be good. He opens one last door at the end of the dark hallway to reveal a he room, decorated beautifully, with ‘Happy Birthday Y/N!’ hanging on a big banner. Friends started rushing towards you, shouting happy birthdays. Heck, even your parents were there, clapping. Someone placed a birthday crown on you. You smile, still speechless. “Thank you!” you manage to almost squeak. You knew that Rocky would surprise you with something, but not something this amazing. Rydel and your friends drag you away from Rocky’s grasp and he sighs. He turns and starts a conversation with Riker and the guys. You’re dancing with your friends, having a great time. That was until ‘Your song’ came on. “Catching Feelings” by Justin Bieber was the first song you and Rocky had danced to. Well when it was just you, lost in your own world. Rocky’s head snaps up, to look straight at you. He winks, and gives you a crooked smile. You grin back, thinking back to that time. You were both really nervous about messing up, but it flowed together perfectly. Sure, you had stepped on each other’s toes a couple times, and turn the wrong way, but that was what had made it perfect. You had totally forgot about everyone who stood around you, completely immersed in each other. Rocky looked like he had turned and said “I’ll be right back.” And he made his way to you. “Care to dance?” Rocky says, offering his hand to you. “Well of course!” you reply, feeling like a princess in a way. But you were also nervous, because you weren’t the best at slow-dancing. You tripped over your feet and stepped on Rocky’s in the process. But he didn’t mind, saying that you would get it in time. He swept you away, taking the lead. You did your best to keep up, but your feet were barely touching the ground, how swiftly he was moving. Wow, looked like someone had been practicing. Sure he was good at dancing, but more of the hip hop style, not waltzing. He was full of surprises today! You turn your attention back to making our feet work how you picture in your head, and it semi-works. At least you weren’t tripping over yourself. He slid his hand down to rest on your hip, yours resting on the back of his shoulder, swaying back and forth to the music. You hadn’t even noticed that some others had joined, moving to the beat of the song. Rocky looked you in the eyes, and said “I love you Y/N, happy birthday.” “I love you too, Rocky.” You always showed the other that you loved them, but hadn’t said it much, so you still got a little giddy when you heard the words. The song ended, but he still held you. “Here, I want you to have this.” He says and reveals a stunning silver necklace, which was two sides of a heart intertwined, with flecks of green—his favorite color. It also had a cursive RL, in the middle. You gasp, “It’s perfect Rocky, thank you.” You say and wrap your arms around him and kiss him. You honestly had the perfect boyfriend. “I love you too, Y/N.” he says, and gives you a cute little eskimo kiss.     

Ratliff: You had your family over for your birthday. Your big, huge, loud family. You were talking to one of your cousins when someone came up behind you and put their hands on top of your eyes. “Guess who!” “Ellington? What are you doing here?” “I came to celebrate your birthday! Your mom told me that the party was today,” he said with a bright smile. You weren’t quite sure how well he would interact with your family, nonetheless you were glad he was here. “Happy birthday, dear, Y/N, happy birthday to you!” everyone sang a little while later. You blew out your candles and Ellington came by and hugged you. Your little cousins who were infatuated with him soon followed behind him and kept asking him questions. You were glad they got along and it was certainly a great party.

Ross- “Happy Birthday, Y/N, I’m sorry I can’t be there,” Ross said over skype. “It’s okay, I understand you’re at a concert,” you sighed. Ross was about an hour away but still wanted to celebrate your birthday with you one way or another. “Ross! You’re on in 5!” Mark called. You looked sadly at Ross but then his face brightened. “Hold on, Y/N, I have an idea.” Ross picked up the laptop and adjusted his mic. You saw the confused looks of everybody as he brought the laptop out onto stage and set it at the foot at the stage. The entire concert he would sing to you and ‘touch your hand’ The boys even sang happy birthday.

Ryland: “Y/N? You out here?” You heard a familiar voice call. Ryland. You and a couple of your girl friends were in your backyard celebrating your birthday. You told Ryland to come over today, but you thought he’d be over earlier. He came over to you and kissed you on the cheek. “Happy birthday. Hello, girls,” he awkwardly greeted your friends. They quickly started the conversation again, occasionally glancing at you and Ryland’s intertwined hands. “Oh, Y/N, I almost forgot your present!” he reached inside his pocket and pulled out a small box. He opened it and it revealed a gorgeous pair of earrings. “Aw!” your friends said before you could thank him. You mouthed it over their excitement and made plans to spend the day together tomorrow, alone.

r5 preferences(found these) •how he asks you out •you take him to a baseball or football game •at the park •playing at the playground •he & the boys/del prank you •you & the boys/del prank him •he scares you •you scare him •you go to an amusement park •you go to the mall •playful fighting •hanging out w/the boys & del •he asks you to prom •pick him up from the airport •nerf gun war •meeting his/your family

OK!! some of them will be up tomorrow and maybe through the week

To those who requested the preferences and one-shot I am sorry I didn’t get to upload them tonight but they will more than likely be up tomorrow and I just want to thank you guys for requesting them

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r5 preference. another guy physically hurt you(like punched you or kicked you), your birthday, when you cry, teaches you how to play(instrument they play), when your scared, when you meet they're family.

Oh my gosh!!! Thank you for requesting them, they should be up today or tomorrow :)

my names shianne could I have a one shot with rocky where he like does my hair and nails for me cause well cause thats really sweet.

Yes, you can, It should be up tonight or tomorrow. (:

New preference

Preference #2 You get sick

Ross- You woke up one morning feeling like complete crap. You were hot and cold at the same time. You were hungry, but sick to your stomach, you did know what to do to make yourself feel better. So you picked up your phone and dialed your boyfriend Ross’ number. “Hey baby.” he said “Hey Ross” you said “What’s wrong?” he could tell something was up just from your voice. “I’m not feeling well.” “I’m on my way over babe.” he said. When Ross got to your house he carried you up to bed laid you down and left. You weren’t sure where he went so you just turned on your TV. Ross came back with some hot chicken noodle soup he made for you “Awww Ross you didn’t have to.” you said. “ It was no problem Y/N I hate seeing you sick.” he said. He watched you eat it making sure you ate it all he then put the bowl on your dresser, turned your TV off, and got under your covers with you. “Nap time!” he said with a smile on his face. He then held you in his arms and cuddled with you before you both drifted off to sleep.

Rocky- You were home sick with the Flu, no one in your family has ever gotten it before so no one wanted to be around you, except for your boyfriend Rocky who had already had already had his flu shot, so he was good. He insisted on taking care of you because there was no one else to. He said he knew exactly what you needed and headed straight to your house. When he arrived, your mom sent him up to your room. *Knock,knock* “Y/N can I come in?” Rocky asked. “Yeah,” you responded. He came in carrying a big bag. He smiled and pulled out a bottle of vapor rub he said “This will give you a soothing sensation” He took the bottle dipped his finger in and started rubbing it on your chest to help clear up your conjestion but at the same time drawing pictures “Rocky, what are you doing?” you asked laughing. “Shhh you can’t look at what I’m drawing, you’ll see when I’m done” he said covering your eyes you could feel his finger drawing all over your chest. It kind of tickled. “Okay now open your eyes” He said you opened your eyes to see hearts with your name and his in them it said ‘I LOVE YOU’” “Rocky they’re beautiful” you said smiling. “Thanks for making me feel better.” “No problem babe I’m always here for you, I love you” he said “I love you too” you replied. He rubbed it all in then he laid down and sang you to sleep.

Riker-“I’m sorry babe but I’m going to have to cancel our date tonight, my stomach is hurting so bad and i feel like i am going to pass out.” You explained to you your boyfriend Riker. “No don’t be sorry, how about I just come over and take care of you and  we just spend time together?” he asked. “Riker what if you get sick too?” “I don’t care you come first,” he said. “No Riker I don’t want you to get-“ You got cut off because he had already hung up and was on his way over. He came into your house not even bothering to knock like he usually did and came up to you, he set his guitar on the ground. “I’m here now” he said with a smile. You two spent the night together laughing and he made you forget about your stomach ache and played guitar to you, it was the best sick night ever.

Ratliff-“Ell this is totally nasty you can leave now if you want I totally understand” you said to your boyfriend Ellington, who was standing behind you holding your hair for you while leaned over to barf. “No, Y/N I’m here til the end baby until you feel 100% better,” he said. He then,when you were done, picked you up and placed you in bed. He then walked around to the other side of your bed and stroked your hair while he sang ‘little things’ to you.

Ryland-“Babe your on fire.” Your boyfriend Ryland said, as he pressed his hand to your head. You guys were having movie night at his house, and you started not feeling well toward the end of it. Ryland had noticed and tested your head to see what was wrong and noticed your very high temperature. “Wait here.” he said to you. He ran down the hallway grabbed a little face cloth and drenched it in freezing water. He brought the cloth back to you, placed your head on his lap and placed it on your forehead. “Now stay like this Y/N, and I promise I’ll take care of you.” he said. He then started a new movie and rubbed your stomach causing you to fall asleep half way through the movie.

Can you please upload more prefrences! I love them!

yeah, i am getting ready to put one up right now